Planning for Success

As this school year approached I decided to take my planner organization to another level by purchasing an hourly planner. In the past I’ve purchased planners that did the job but weren’t very inspiring. I knew that if I wanted to keep up with it, I would have to get creative. I looked everywhere before settling on the Creative Year Spiral Planner By Recollections™. 

I’ll admit, I was drawn to this planner because of its similarities to the Erin Condren LifePlanner™, which is beautiful but as a newbie planner/ student on a budget, I couldn’t justify the price tag.

I don’t know how I would make sense of the chaos without my key.

I get a ton of planner inspiration from Pinterest (and lets be honest, who doesn’t?) I stumbled upon a picture one day of someone boxing in the hours they’ll be somewhere by a color coding system. This blew my mind, why had I not thought of that?

For now, I have my “Key” on a sticky note until I find something more permanent, like an insert.

Every week I like to sit down and plan out the basics, such as my class times for the week, my work schedule and general things I need to accomplish before the end of the week.  While I don’t have my full work schedule until Tuesdays, I normally have a good idea of what I’ll be working, so I keep that in mind.

My weekly “To Do” list

One thing I am learning as I go, is that a planner should be fun and not to stress myself out if I forget to write in what day I need to run to the store.

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