Fittting in Fitness

Over the summer I started working out at a new gym that offered daily classes and starting that journey was incredible (but I’ll save that for another post).

Since the start of the semester the amount of workout classes I can attend is few and far between and the weekend for me usually isn’t much of a weekend.

Being that I work in the service industry, working on the weekends is mandatory – both financially and practicality. 

With most of the day being spent at work, getting to the gym on the weekend feels almost impossible.

This morning my coworker/workout partner dragged me to a 8:30AM class before our double (11 AM- 11 PM), and although I was reluctant, I went. 

So here I am, halfway through my shift, and feeling great! 

While I’m sure by the end of my shift I’ll be exhausted, I can’t help but feel accomplished. 

Here’s to creating habit: Saturday morning workouts!

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