Fall Decor on a Budget

This past week I had some extra time on my hands, so I decided to spend the afternoon with my mom and sisters to do a little diy wreath.

My mom found a picture on Pinterest of a wreath made with fall colored hydrangeas, so we used that as our inspiration. Luckily for us our local Joann Fabric and Craft store was running a 50% off all Fall decor-that included our hydrangeas- which turned out to be our biggest expense in this project. While hydrangeas aren’t typically a flower you think of when you think fall, they’re perfect for wreaths because of their size!



Total cost of the project:
wreath: $2.99
flowers: $13.47
berries: $3.98
miniature pumpkins: 4.95

I didn’t realize until we were done that I hadn’t taken picture of the process, but thankfully a coworker of mine saw my wreath and asked me to make her one!

Below is the step-by-step on how to create this cute fall wreath…

image1 (6)
The flowers come in a long bundle, so you first need to cut them down.
image1 (7)
After cutting the stem shorter, you begin to tuck the stems in between the branches. The wire in the stems makes this super easy.
image2 (2)
The stems should be short enough to tuck into the branches, but long enough to hold the flower securely.
It’s important to “fluff” the flowers, seeing as they are fake and flatten easily.
image2 (3)
Adding the pickers in to the wreath add dimension.
image3 (4)
The final product! Although this wreath isn’t in the fall theme like the one I created for myself, it’s what she wanted!

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