Love Local

This weekend my town had a craft show that brought in vendors from all over Louisiana.  At the show I fell in love with a farm stand, selling only goods made with lavender!

Lavender Falls is a farm based out of Vernon Parish, in North Louisiana. They make bath and home products made with lavender they grow.

Many people don’t know but lavender (and its oil) has many uses such as:

  • acne
  • migrane relief
  • insomnia
  • cuts
  • bug bites
  • relaxation
  • flee/mosquito repellent

I love anything multipurpose, because it saves not only money but time! I can carry a mini dropper of lavender oil around instead of both ibuprofen and mosquito spray (living in Louisiana, thats essential!)

I’m mostly excited for the dried lavender I picked up! It not only smells good, but will look really pretty in my house!


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