Recently my life has gotten a lot more hectic, my boyfriend and I moved in together! Coincidentally both of our lease contracts went up at the same time this year, so we decided to take the leap and just go for it. IMG_1645

Well, admittedly we didn’t “just go for it”, it was something we talked about for months and came to the conclusion that it was the right time.

My boyfriend is in law enforcement and works twelve hour shifts and between me being a student and a waitress, my schedule is all over the place. With us living separately, we were going days without seeing each other, sometimes not even speaking. If he was working nights, I would be asleep, and when he was working days I would be in and out of classes.

Moving in just seemed right.

The biggest change for us was joining our styles. My boyfriend is a typical guy, he’s lived on his own for 4 years and most of his furniture is handed down from his parents or older sister , but he’s okay with it because…well, he’s a guy. Myself on the other hand, I like pretty things. I am obsessed with the HGTV show Fiver Upper and home decor is exciting to me. So, to my surprise when my boyfriend began to have an opinion on what our apartment style would be, I couldn’t function. Why question my impeccable (okay maybe thats a stretch) style?

Between styles and learning each others pet peeves, we’ve had some heated debates.

This video is a dramatic spin on an actual situation we’ve found ourselves in… enjoy!

But all jokes aside, things are going great. We are learning about each others likes and dislikes and preparing ourselves for the future.

The perfectionist in me has had to adjust to everything always being in its place, and just living in the moment to appreciate our togetherness!

Being that you guys always we to see my point of view, I figured I would give you an insight to how my boyfriend feels about us moving in together. *Spoiler alert* If you can’t tell from the video, he is very shy, so getting him to talk for an audio piece was next to impossible!

I also found some great research on couples that live together without being